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After a long day running your restaurant, making sure your kitchen exhaust system is clean might not be your top priority. Often, even when they are cleaned, it is done improperly and much of the grease is left behind. This can cause uneven heat distribution and malfunctioning pilot lights, plugged jets and grease pooling between and under pieces of equipment. In addition to being a violation of many insurance, fire and health regulations, this also poses a danger to your business. At Pre-Vent Cleaning Services, our specially designed kitchen cleaning system takes that problem out of the equation by keeping your commercial kitchen in line with the strict regulations.

Specially Designed Cleaning for Restaurant and Commercial Kitchens

Our multi-step cleaning system is designed specifically for restaurant and commercial kitchens. After carefully preparing the kitchen to protect your equipment, we begin by hand-cleaning where necessary. Following that, we use high-pressure hot water to power-clean grease and dirt from your range hood, ductwork, appliances, fans and filters, metal racks—even your trash containers, if requested. The waste water is continuously vacuumed up, and when we’re done we make sure to leave no trace of mess behind.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies will charge lower premiums to restaurants and kitchens that regularly have their vents and exhaust systems cleaned professionally. By using our service on a contract basis, you can take advantage of these savings and enjoy a safe and spotless kitchen at the same time.

Government Certified Technicians

All of our technicians are certified by the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia. Your kitchen will be cleaned to meet the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association Code #96, which applies to ventilation, exhaust and fire protection of commercial cooking operations.

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